Flower power

I started buying flowers for my kitchen table as a centerpiece. I was never much of a flower guy–if that’s even a thing. I enjoy flowers but I never really got crazy about them. I’m not sure exactly how the shift occurred, but I began

to notice the flower section in my local grocery store. I have shopped at this particular grocery store for over 10 years, and the flower section barely skimmed my consciousness during my weekly shopping. The flowers are on display right at the entrance, yet I didn’t allow them any of my attention until a few months ago. Now I look forward to getting a new bunch every week or two.

The beauty that they provide in my home is fantastic. A burst of color to brighten my day, at breakfast and at dinner. The upkeep is minimal, and they smell beautiful. Mine usually last two weeks or more. The cost is typically between a mega-latte and a large pizza, so you don’t have to sacrifice much to enjoy this indulgence.

So don’t just pass by your flower shop and think of flowers only for special occasions. Your life is a special occasion. Treat yourself to flowers and see how many more mindful moments you have during your week. You might just get a new habit that enhances your home and your life.

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